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The Business & Office Etiquette Essentials course is a self-grooming course for young professionals who are at the early stages of their professional career. This course helps the candidate to develop strong business and professional ethics so that each student will learn how to perfect and present themselves in a polished, polite and professional way that can not only help to excel our students in their field of work, it will also allow others to take our students seriously and allow management to see the respect, courtesy of others and professionalism that our students have learned to display as well as the ability to work as a member of a team.

Our course subjects will provide all students to learn: the basics of business etiquette & professional behavior in the workplace, how to properly meet and greet people, correct manners at the workplace, good grooming, dressing for success (what to wear and what not to wear), the various types of business interviews, how to plan and prepare for a business interview, what happens during the interview process, how to plan and attend business meetings, the different types of meetings, understanding business language, keeping good conduct during business meetings, how to plan for a conference call and also how to plan for a meal meeting. The course also includes multicultural etiquette and how it relates to today's workforce.

In essence, the Rise Media Business and Technical Training School has implemented Business & Office Etiquette Essentials as a must have required course before certification for all of our courses because it is designed to help our students to quickly secure employment in their desired field of study. This course also prepares our students to adjust to their professional environment and develop excellent communication and interpersonal skills for rapid career growth.




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